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The RV lifestyle has some unique advantages and even challenges. The holding tank system can be a task few care to talk about. The advantage of changing the way of caring and maintaining the system can also be a bit of a challenge when one has been practicing a method for a long time without problems.

We found most RVer’s treat their holding tanks as if they are septic tanks. When asked if their sensor’s work, they say “No, they haven’t ever worked, or they quit working a couple of weeks after we bought the RV”. Truth is, the sensors stopped working when they became dirty. Even though RV owners were conditioned to believe they are just one of those things that don’t have a long life line.

We almost always are told by the RV owner they get a nasty sewer smell from time to time, or even often. When asked how they manage their tank system, we’re informed they dump the tank and drop a tank thingy in and the way the go. No wonder the tank gives them an odor!

Many RV owners have never heard of having their holding tanks cleaned, in fact, most had no idea the service was available. Granted, its not available in all parts of the country, but it has been around for more than twenty years.

Having your RV tanks professionally cleaned yearly, and learning the techniques to care and maintain them in between your yearly cleanings will keep the odors away, the sensors working and your RV holding tanks in a good healthy condition.